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Employment Discrimination Everything

RequirementsYour course project for this term is to write a 6-8 page, double-spaced mini-researchpaper, with your subject as Employment Discrimination. Everything you need to knowabout the project resides on this tab.Your project requires at least three (3) outside resources besides the textbook. Yourpaper must be written in APA format, include a title and reference page, and referenceyour sources both internally (parenthetically) and in the reference page. Please use theAPA template in doc-sharing to complete your work.Employment discrimination law is about prohibiting or encouraging behaviors in theworkplace regarding differences in people. It has evolved over the years significantly,and the passage of Title VII, the US. Civil Rights Act, has made more changes to howthe US defines the right to work free from harassment and discrimination, than anyother law, case, or regulation in the nation. This project has three parts. Part 1 asks youto answer eight questions about employment discrimination. Part 2 asks you to pick oneUS Supreme court case from a list, to discuss. Part 3 asks you to review pendinglegislation regarding employment discrimination, and provide a few details about onecurrently pending (i.e. not yet passed) bill in either your state, or the federalgovernment. Remember, the focus of the project is on employment discrimination.Project Part 1:Answer each of the following 8 questions, in 1-2 paragraphs each. You can use yourtextbook, or other outside sources to answer these questions. Do not write a book answer the questions succinctly.1.What must a person who is claiming they were harassed in the workplace allegein order to first state a case with the EEOC for each of the following types ofharassment:I.Sexual harassment – quid pro quoII.Sexual harassment – hostile environmentIII.Religious harassmentIV.Racial harassment2.Explain the difference between sexual harassment, gender discrimination, andsexual orientation discrimination, as those terms are used legally.3.How does GINA protect a person whose mother died of breast cancer fromemployment discrimination?4.Provide one example of a behavior that could be found to be both a hostileenvironment and quid pro quo forms of sexual harassment at the same time. Explainhow a person could argue that this behavior at work was illegal.5.Give the main legal reason why every company should have a valid written policyagainst all forms of harassment (besides the fact it is the "right" thing to do.)6.Can an employer require that only females serve female customers and onlymales serve male customers? Explain your answer using legal terms.7.How many employees must an employer or company have working for it to besubject to:I.the ADAII.Pregnancy Discrimination ActIII.Title VIIIV.IRCAV.GINA8.Assume you work for a company that has a sexual anti-harassment policy, butnot a religious, sexual orientation, or racial anti-harassment policy. Write a one-twoparagraph statement to your boss (the HR Director), as to why you believe it wouldmake sense to revamp the policy to include other forms of harassment. Include oneexample of a real situation where a policy may have protected a company from liabilityor stopped harassment from happening. (You will find case examples on the EEOCwebsite). Cite that case/situation in your memo to your boss. Provide the amount ofdamages/fines the company in your example case had to pay as a result of failing toprotect an employee from discrimination.Project Part II. Employment Discrimination CasesMany court cases on employment discrimination have shaped, created, and changedthe employment landscape. Some protect employees from discrimination, and manyprotect employers from liability. Settlements and trial court cases do not create legalprecedent or changes in the law. However, appeals court cases, and especially the U.S.Supreme Court Cases, do change, shape, and create new law, when statutes areinterpreted in binding ways. Pick ONE case from the following list. Read the case.Answer each of the FOUR questions following the list of cases and place them in yourProject Part II. Be sure to identify WHICH of the cases you selected.List of U.S. Supreme Court Cases:Vance v. Ball State University. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/11556_11o2.pdfUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar.http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-484_o759.pdfPhillips v. Martin Marietta Corp. 400 U.S. 542 (1971).http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=US&vol=400&invol=542Espinoza v Farah Mfg. Co, 414 U.S. 86 (1973)http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=US&vol=414&invol=86Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, 83 F. 3d 118http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/96-568.ZO.htmlQuestions for answering.1.Explain briefly, the statute(s) (law or act) which was in question in your case, thefacts of the case, and why the parties were in court. What was each party asking thecourt to do?2.What did the court decide in your case and what will be the results of thatdecision? (i.e. who won, and was the win final or did the court send the case back to thelower court system to re-decide an issue?)3.In what way did this case create, change, or shape the employment landscapefor employers as a result of the decision made? Did this change help employers oremployees the most? Explain.4.Do you agree with the decision in the case you referenced? In other words, doyou think that employment law was made better and stronger, or weaker and lesseffective as a result of this case? Write at least one full paragraph that supports youropinion.Part 3. Legal Research into an Employment Law PendingBefore CongressOrganizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management(http://www.shrm.org) work hard to support, lobby against, or provide education to thepublic about laws that will affect workers and employers. These organizationssignificantly influence what laws pass. Savvy HR managers have SHRM on theirdesktops so they are familiar with the many changes being suggested at any time, asthey could cost companies significant amounts of money if they are passed.Each year, thousands of proposed laws are being discussed, debated, and eitherpassed, ignored, or rejected in state legislators around the country, or in Congress.Find a proposed piece of legislation in the U.S. (or your state legislature) which interestsyou. This piece of legislation needs to regard employment law in some way (labor law,employment discrimination, ADA, PPACA, Title VII, GINA, etc.) Note that any bill thatsuggests changes to any current law will suffice, as well as a new law. Some examplesyou can use if you are interested are: the Fair Playing Field Act of 2012, the ReligiousFreedom Act of 2012, or a new bill regarding whether full-time employment underPPACA is 40 hours/week instead of 30 hours. (Since the time of writing this project, it ispossible these examples of passed – be sure to check if you use any of them).Places to look for legislation like this include:Congress.gov. http://www.congress.gov(Note that the Active Legislation link (right side) and Most Viewed Bills side includeunpassed, pending legislation. the Public Laws link are passed laws – so do not usethose.)Govtrack.US https://www.govtrack.us/Note: you can type in your state, and get updates your state’s representatives toCongress.SHRM’s legislative pages:http://www.shrm.org/legalissues/federalresources/federallegislation/pages/default.aspx#(Note that link takes you to the top level – and you can dig around on their links to findmore information. Some of the internal pages may require a subscription to SHRM,however.)Once you find a law pending before Congress that interests you, read the bill andanswer these questions.1.What is the name of the bill? What is the resolution number of the bill (e.g., HR212)?2.Does the bill you selected create a new law or amend an existing law?3.If this bill is passed, how will it change current employment law? Be specific hereand include enough detail so that someone reading your answer really understandingthe bill under consideration.4.State whether you agree or disagree with the bill. If you were a member ofCongress would you vote for it? Explain why.This section of your paper should be about 1 to 2 pages.Grading RubricItemPointsAnswers to Questions 1-7 (10 points each)70Answer to Question 820Case analysisQuestion 1Question 2Question 3Question 420202020ItemPointsPending LegislationQuestion 1Question 2Question 3Question 420202020APA formatting3 references used1515Total280

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