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Darren wants to develop an Internet marketing

1. Darren wants to develop an Internet marketing effort for his small publishing firm. Which of thefollowing should he pursue?A. Direct marketingB. Sales promotionsC. Public relationsD. Personal selling2. Many retailers, like Best Buy, have reduced their use of _______ because of complaints fromconsumers and lawsuits claiming firms didn’t fulfill them.A. rebatesB. dealsC. sweepstakesD. premiums3. Rodney is an effective sales representative who combines the technology inherent in his CRM systemwith a high-touch approach, in which heA. focuses on the important transactions instead of trying to develop relationships that take more time than they’re worth.B. uses an auto-dialer to cut down on the time it takes to place calls to clients and prospects.C. frequently calls clients and prospects to share news with them while not always trying to sell something.D. uses the data mining capacity to focus exclusively on high-potential clients.4. After exchanging greetings in an initial sales call, the firstgoal of a sales presentation is toA. create interest.B. estimate the total cost to the customer.C. offer alternatives.D. close the sale.5. Kelly is the head of marketing for a cultural nonprofit agency, and she has just received the go-aheadfrom her board of directors to conduct the agency’s first-ever advertising campaign. Her firststep shouldbe toA. evaluate and select the media.B. set the advertising objectives.C. determine the advertising budget.D. identify the target audience.6. Generally, when advertising to consumers, an advertising campaign shouldA. offset sales promotion costs.B. maximize media planning.C. take a pull strategy.D. stimulate interest among members of the supply chain.7. In _______, two or more firms join forces to reach a target audience in a short-term effort.A. multitarget promotingB. cross-promotionC. promotional co-brandingD. joint-venture promotion8. Advertisers often face the problem that consumersA. remember the message but forget the brand.B. tell their friends about the ad and spoil the punch line at the end.C. fail to screen out their message on a timely basis.D. react to their message before getting to the fine print or disclaimers at the end.9. Especially for marketers with new products or services, IMC is needed becauseA. consumers are unlikely to buy products they’re not aware of.B. pricing decisions can’t be made without IMC.C. only the best new products sell themselves through word-of-mouth communication.D. consumers need to know all about the features of new products before they make a purchase decision.10. In the IMC communication process, the _______ develops the marketing communication message.A. senderB. instructorC. transmitterD. receiver11. When Motorola first entered the Mexican marketplace, the company wanted direct control ofsalespeople in major urban markets but wasn’t as concerned about control in smaller areas of the country.Motorola probably used _______ in major urban areas and manufacturer’s reps in smaller areas of Mexico.A. order takersB. independent agentsC. customer relationshipsD. a company sales force12. Yana has identified the target audience for her line of Russian jewelry. She’s wisely creating anadvertising plan that willA. clarify the specific goals of the advertising campaign.B. encapsulate her unique selling proposition.C. allow her to skip the assessment stage at the end of the campaign.D. offer discounts to media as an incentive to carry out her plan.13. Yesenia is working on an advertisement to promote consumer awareness of the danger of skin cancerfrom solar radiation. Yesenia’s firstconcern should be toA. use public relations to buy advertising space.B. get consumers’ attention.C. make sure firms producing sunscreen lotions approve.D. enlist creative advertising designers.14. Kevin is recognized by his friends as being an activist on many fronts. He prefers to buy products andservices from firms that donate part of his the total price of his purchase to organizations he supports.Marketers recognize that his approach can be an important competitive tool; it’s calledA. business/social responsibility.B. social-activist marketing.C. cause-related marketing.D. voluntary premium pricing.15. Marketers and advertisers must be aware of, and comply with,A. ethical and professional standards, which supersede laws and regulations.B. the least stringent of federal, state, and local laws.C. a complex mix of federal, state, and local laws and regulations designed to protect consumers from deceptive practices.D. federal laws and regulations, but they can avoid any state or local restrictions.16. _______ help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts in advertising messages and strongarguments built around relevant issues and by explaining key benefits of the firm’s products and services.A. Flighting appealsB. Informational appealsC. Niche-marketing propositionsD. Emotional appeals17. Pratna is creating a customer relationship management system to help her maintain strongerrelationships with the customers in her territory. The firstthing she should do isA. construct a customer database.B. contact her sales manager and ask what to do.C. take each customer out to lunch.D. send birthday cards.18. Which of the following is the bestexample of puffery?A. “Take two and call us in the morning.”B. “All natural ingredients.”C. “Happy hour every Friday.”D. “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.”19. Steve is working on a message to convey in his firm’s advertising campaign. As a starting point, Steveshould considerA. touting the key benefits of his firm’s services.B. which media he wants to use.C. what competitors’ are doing.D. when the delivery date is for his contribution to the campaign.20. Which of the following is a correctstatement about the practice of public relations?A. The practice of public relations should be included in marketing strategy and plans, even if it generates only media attentionand goodwill.B. The practice of public relations has become more and more attractive, although the costs are often prohibitively high.C. The practice of public relations is effective for only large organizations.D. The practice of public relations has changed from a marketing-research based approval to a more proactive approach.21. Mac does as much shopping online as he can. A marketer trying to reach out to Mac and others likehim shouldA. ensure that customer service personnel add value to the customer experience online.B. focus on traditional competitors because auction sites like eBay don’t provide the same services that traditional competitorsdo.C. restrict the Web site to product ordering to preserve bandwidth and keep the site as fast and efficient as possible.D. ignore most of the rules about customer service because the online shoppers don’t expect the same level of service.22. Brandon is in the process of qualifying B2B leads he received from his home office. Brandon shouldassessA. how often these customers have bought his competitor’s products in the past.B. which trade show the leads might attend.C. whether it’s worthwhile to pursue these potential customers.D. what objections he’s likely to receive from the customers.23. The content of an advertising message is closely tied to the characteristics of theA. posttesting.B. competition’s expected future messages.C. natural demand.D. media selected to carry the message.24. _______ advertising has the advantages of being flexible and highly targeted, and it can be personalized.A. TelevisionB. Direct mailC. RadioD. NewspaperEnd of exam25. The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is toA. outspend present and future competitors.B. create emotions of desire and envy in the public at large.C. manipulate consumers into believing misleading information.D. communicate the value proposition to the target market.

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