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Hilton Hotels Corporation has the following divisions

QUESTION 1Hilton Hotels Corporation has the following divisions which cater to different customer classes around the world: Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Hampton, and Timeshares. Hilton Hotels Corporations has a _____ structure.A.matrixB.productC.geographical regionD.marketE.hybrid2.5 points QUESTION 2A situation in which a number of employers join together to bargain with a given labor union is called co-determination. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 3Some companies are global and so well integrated into the countries where they have a presence, that it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify one country as the home country for these corporations. such companies are called _____.A.domesticB.statelessC.dividedD.hybridE.matrix-based2.5 points QUESTION 4Contests and sweepstakes, coupons, end-aisle displays in stores, sponsorships, and trade shows are all examples of _____.A.personal sellingB.advertisingC.sales promotionD.publicityE.distribution2.5 points QUESTION 5The total number of units of a product that could possibly be sold by all companies doing business in a specific international market is referred to as sales potential. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 6Agents for companies shipping products overseas who are chiefly involved with physical distribution activities and documentation are called _____.A.freight back-wardersB.freight forwardersC.agentsD.public channelsE.physical distributors2.5 points QUESTION 7Under a matrix structure, the functional managers and the divisional managers have equal authority within the organization. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 8The practice of setting a price in a foreign market that undercuts the prices of competitive companies is referred to as dumping. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 9The functional organizational structure has three main advantages: It promotes economies of scale, promotes in-depth skill development, and helps eliminate competition from the market. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 10A U.S. company that hires another U.S. company, such as Automatic Data Processing Corporation (ADP) to process all of its corporate payroll functions is engaging in _____.A.outsourcingB.offshoringC.importingD.exportingE.franchising2.5 points QUESTION 11_____ refers to performance of various aspects of customer service that meets customer expectations.A.ReliabilityB.Share of walletC.ContainerizationD.DumpingE.Gray marketing2.5 points QUESTION 12According to C.K. Prahalad, global firms set up operations in another country in which stage of globalization?A.FirstB.SecondC.ThirdD.FourthE.Fifth2.5 points QUESTION 13Which of the following is NOT true about Qatar?A.Citizens of Qatar are unhappy because they have become second-class residents in their own land.B.Because of Qatar’s incredible economic growth, it has had to import workers by the hundreds of thousands from all over the world.C.Today, Qatar citizens make up 75 percent of the people living in Qatar.D.While Qatari citizens are well taken care of financially, many complain that the best jobs are given to expatriate foreigners.E.Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world.2.5 points QUESTION 14The primary goal of labor unions is to _____.A.engage in negotiations with employersB.engage in negotiations with suppliersC.engage in negotiations with customersD.engage in negotiations with environmental advocatesE.engage in negotiations with other unions2.5 points QUESTION 15_____ collects information at one specific time in order to help marketers make better decisions about their overseas markets.A.Business analysisB.A concept testC.Marketing researchD.A marketing intelligence systemE.A global product system2.5 points QUESTION 16Nestle had success with its Maggi noodles in South Asia; subsequently they were introduced in Australia. Nestle is using a(n) _____ strategy.A.verticalB.horizontalC.backwardD.forwardE.reverse2.5 points QUESTION 17An advantage of the _____strategy include is that it does not require an up-front investment.A.indirectB.directC.agentD.publicE.distributor2.5 points QUESTION 18C.K. Prahalad postulates that stateless corporations represent the _____ stage of globalization.A.firstB.secondC.thirdD.fourthE.fifth2.5 points QUESTION 19Hofstede’s dimension of uncertainty avoidance refers to A.the extent that people think of themselves as members of a group or collective, rather than discrete individuals.B.the degree of equality of authority distribution in a given society and its workplaces, and employee expectations related to the same.C.a culture’s desire for predictability, or the lack of predictability in the workplace and elsewhere.D.values such as competition, assertiveness, and achievement versus values like care for the weak and relationships.E.the extent to which members of a given society value future planning as opposed to a more immediate short-term perspective.2.5 points QUESTION 20A computer programmer from India continues to receive his or her Mumbai, India base salary and is kept on the Indian operation’s balance sheet. Then the company adds various allowances for cost of living, housing, education to this base salary so that the employee’s overall standard of living while working in the company’s London, England office will be the same as his or her standard of living in Mumbai thus would be an example of the balance sheet approach. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 21Storage and transportation operations that are used in moving products to a foreign market are called _____.A.a freight back-warderB.a freight forwarderC.an agentD.a public channelE.physical distribution2.5 points QUESTION 22Development of a new product first for emerging markets then selling it to developed markets is known as a(n) _____ strategy.A.verticalB.horizontalC.backwardD.forwardE.reverse2.5 points QUESTION 23Of the following, which is NOT true of expatriates?A.There is risk of expatriate failure.B.Family issues may play a part in expatriate success.C.There is some evidence that the “culture shock” that employees face upon repatriation can be greater than the culture shock they initially faced when first going to work in a foreign country.D.Host-country national expatriates, in particular, may represent a cheaper source of labor than other alternatives.E.Expatriate assignments may provide very useful career development opportunities.2.5 points QUESTION 24The marketing strategy which involves pursuing a standardization strategy in foreign markets when possible and an adaptation one when necessary is called_____.A.standardizationB.adaptationC. glocalizationD.marketing researchE.a global product system2.5 points QUESTION 25International shipments using different modes of transportation are called _____.A.freight back-wardersB.freight forwardersC.containerizationD.public channelsE.international transporters2.5 points QUESTION 26Of the following, which is NOT one of the major methods that can be used to promote products and services in international markets?A.Personal sellingB.AdvertisingC.Sales promotionD.PublicityE.Distribution2.5 points QUESTION 27A functional structure is one where an organization:A.groups people together because they hold similar positions in a company, perform a similar set of tasks, or use the same kind of skills.B.groups products into separate divisions according to their similarities or differences.C.groups products into separate divisions according to the needs of the different geographical regions the company serves.D.groups products into separate divisions according to the needs of different customers.E.is said to be organized by more than one dimension at the top level.2.5 points QUESTION 28Negotiations in which a number of employers jointly bargain with a given labor union is known as _____.A.mediationB.repatriationC.collective bargainingD.multi-employer bargainingE.co-determination2.5 points QUESTION 29In the _____ stage of the product life cycle, sales gradually increase, as do profits, which often are losses in the early part of this stage.A.maturityB.growthC.declineD.introductionE.commercialization2.5 points QUESTION 30A market that includes companies that purchase products and services such as equipment and machinery, supplies, lubricants, consulting services, cleaning services, advertising, marketing research, raw materials, semi-finished products, and so on is referred to as a consumer market. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 31The _____ approach involves keeping an employee on the home country’s salary structure and also providing additional allowances.A.balance sheetB.collective bargainingC.labor unionD.co-determinationE.training2.5 points QUESTION 32Although the global economic recession that began in 2008 increased unemployment rates throughout the world, some countries have faced persistently higher rates of unemployment than others.Unemployment rates in Eastern European countries such as Poland and the Slovak Republic consistently have been in the _____ percent range.A.15B.25C.35D.40E.more than 502.5 points QUESTION 33At GM, several subunits share responsibility for producing automobiles. These consist of: North American Operations, GM Acceptance Corporation, International Operations, and Hughes Electronics. This is an example of an organization with _____.A.partitionB.divisionsC.stateless positionD.unionE.formation2.5 points QUESTION 34A company, which has identified an employee with future managerial potential, sending that employee to a three-week university-sponsored program to help develop the individual’s decision making and leadership skills, would be an example of development. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 35While many major corporations have a global presence, stateless corporations are different because _____.A.they have no board of directorsB.they are socially responsibleC.they are more concerned with human rightsD.they are usually more profitableE.they attempt to transcend nationality altogether2.5 points QUESTION 36A special case of the divisional structure where products are grouped into separate divisions according to their similarities or differences is called a _____ structure.A.matrixB.productC.geographical regionD.divisionalE.hybrid2.5 points QUESTION 37Brazilians use doughnuts as a snack item whereas Americans tend to associate doughnuts with breakfast; electrical voltages differ in many countries than those that exist in the United States. In these instances, a firm would pursue a(n) _____ strategy.A.standardizationB.adaptationC.glocalizationD.marketing researchE.a global product system2.5 points QUESTION 38The reason why some organizations reject a functional organizational structure is because they believe it renders them unable to respond to environmental changes that require coordination between functional areas, and because it offers each employee a restricted view of the organizations primary goal. A.True B.False2.5 points QUESTION 39According to C.K. Prahalad, global businesses establish foreign subsidiaries to handle the exports from their home country in which stage of globalization?A.FirstB.SecondC.ThirdD.FourthE.Fifth2.5 points QUESTION 40The international marketing manage has _____ major methods that can be used to promote products and services in international markets.A.twoB.threeC.fourD.fiveE.six

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