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You own a small office-supply/print-shop in a fairly affluent western

(1) You own a small office-supply/print-shop in a fairly affluent western suburb ofPhiladelphia. Your shop is located in the Town’s quaint business district. Rather than tryto compete with the “Big Boys” like Staples and Kinko’s, you have made nice niche foryourself by servicing the local small business owners. You cannot match the economiesof scale of the “Big Boys” so your prices are slightly higher, but still competitive. Youdo, however, provide free delivery for businesses in the Town center. The localbusinesses like this because the owners do not have to leave their shops in the middle ofthe day to run out for supplies and printing needs.One morning you get a call from the office manager of a large Fortune 200 corporationlocated in Philadelphia. He has an emergency. His normal supplier messed up, and heneeds a rush order for 500 binders “at the going rate” with his Company’s logo on themto be delivered by 6:00 pm that evening. He emails you the Company’s logo. You dropeverything and spend the next 6 hours printing out the logos on heavy stock and slidingthem into the outside sleeves of the binders. While Philadelphia is not in your freedelivery zone, you get in your van and drive the binders over by 5:30 pm. When you getthere, you hand the office manager your invoice which is broken down into fourcategories (1) cost of the binders; (2) cost of the heavy stock paper; (3) cost of theprinting; and (4) your labor. The office manager looks at your invoice and says, “I neveragreed to pay these prices. I won’t accept these. Take them back.” As you turn in shockto go, you notice several boxes of binders with the Company’s logo on them. Apparently,the other supplier came through at the last minute, and the office manager doesn’t needyour binders now. You are angry. You can recover the binders by pulling out the printedheavy stock (by taking another hour or so of your time), but the heavy stock with theCompany’s logo on them are now worthless. In addition, you incurred costs for gas, tollsand parking. You want to sue. Identify and analysis: (1) all the different theories of yourpotential causes of actions; (2) the strengths and weaknesses of each cause of action; and(3) the nature of the damages available under each cause of action. (20 points)(2) You’ve got a great idea for a new business! You’ve invented a device that attachessecurely to the back of any smart phone. You’ve also written a program that allows auser to track the device if the phone if it is ever lost or stolen and – as a last resort – if theuser decides the phone is unrecoverable the user can send a signal to the device whichwill infect the phone with a virus making any of the date unreadable by any thief. To topit all off, you developed an algorithm. The algorithm analyzes where phones arestolen/lost and identifies “risk zones.” For a small monthly fee of $2.99 users, can accessa website which identifies the trending “risk zones” and allows users to be on their guard.Identify all of the various intellectual properties you have created for your new business.Then, for each intellectual property you identify, indicate the best legal tool to defend itand justify your answer by analyzing the nature of the legal tool you have chosen in lightof the nature of the intellectual property. (20 points)1(3) You’ve recently landed a job as an event planner for a local University. Part of your jobis to purchase decorations for school events, including balloons in school colors –crimson and gold. You call a local supplier and explain that you need balloons in theschool’s colors. You also explain that the balloons will be used at indoor and outdoorevents, will be filled with helium, and need to stay afloat for the duration of typical event5 to 6 hours. The salesperson recommends a particular brand, and you place an order forenough balloons to get through the remainder of the school year. When the balloonsarrive, the delivery person tells you that they were out of crimson so they substituted adeep red. You take some balloons out of the box and blow them up. When inflated, youfigure they can pass for crimson, and you accept the order. The balloons are delivered inDecember and everything is fine until the first outdoor function in April. The annualspring run is a big draw with the alumni and a big fund raiser. You spend hoursoverseeing all the preparations, but an hour into the event all of the balloons are on theground. It’s a pretty uninspiring site. Your boss tells you that the University Presidentwas not amused. Your job is on the line. You call the balloon supplier, but the salesmansays, “Hey, you inspected them before acceptance; therefore, the balloons are yours!”One of your co-workers looks at the balloons and tells you she doesn’t think they areintended for outdoor use. You are angry. You told the salesperson some of the eventswould be outdoors. You want to sue. Identify and analysis: (1) all the different theories ofyour potential causes of actions; (2) the strengths and weaknesses of each cause of action;and (3) the nature of the damages available under each cause of action. (20 points)(4) You are a business major. You have three friends who are education majors, who arecertified to work with young children. You get together and come up with an idea for asummer day care for school aged children whose parents don’t want to send them to asleep-away camp during the summer. You have already approached a local private schooland reached a tentative agreement to lease its unused facilities during the summermonths. The building is air conditioned and it has a large fenced-in playground. Beforeyou can go any further though, you need to secure funding. You come up with a businessplan, but you also need to determine how you wish to do business, i.e. what form ofbusiness entity to you and your friends wish to form. Examine each of the potentiallyapplicable business forms and assess each form’s strengths and weaknesses. Then choosethe form you will recommend to your friends and defend your choice. (20 points)(5) You run a small frozen yogurt shop. All of your products are home made using onlyorganic ingredients. You have a small but devoted clientele and your growth rate isextremely strong. So strong, that you have started to draw the attention of the localfranchise owner of one of the “Big Yogurt” chains. He has enough advertising budget torun cheesy “home made” spots on the local TV networks, usually late at night. He isclearly aware of you, because he has begun running ads claiming that his product is“better for you” than organic yogurt. You don’t know how he can make such a claim, butyou decide to ignore him until one late night you catch his latest add in which he makes2reference to his “competitor’s” (at which point there is a crudely rendered logo thatmimics yours) use of organic products could be linked to salmonella. You are outraged!This is a lie! You want to sue. Identify and analysis: (1) all the different theories of yourpotential causes of actions; (2) the strengths and weaknesses of each cause of action; and(3) the nature of the damages available under each cause of action. (20 points)

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