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An ideal gas in a balloon is kept in thermal equilibrium

Homework 1

1. An ideal gas in a
balloon is kept in thermal equilibrium with its constant-temperature
surroundings. How much work is done if the pressure is slowly reduced and the
balloon expands to 5.0 times its original size? The balloon initially has a
pressure of 815.0 Pa and has a volume of 0.70 m3.

-8.0 J
-920 J
-1000 J
-2900 J

2. A gamma ray (a
pulse of electromagnetic energy) has a frequency of 2.42 x 1020
Hz. What is the ratio of its wavelength to the radius of the nucleus that produced
it (radius = 5.0 x 10-13 cm)?

1.21 x 108

3. The index of refraction of the core of a piece of fiber
optic cable is 1.72. If the index of the surrounding cladding is 1.47, what
is the critical angle for total internal reflection for a light ray in the
core incident on the core-cladding interface?


4. A hydrogen nucleus,
which has a charge +e, is situated to the left of a carbon nucleus,
which has a charge +6e. Which statement is correct?

The electrical
force experienced by the hydrogen nucleus is to the right, and the magnitude is
equal to the force exerted on the carbon nucleus.
The electrical force experienced by the hydrogen nucleus is
to the left, and the magnitude is equal to the force exerted on the carbon
The electrical force experienced by the hydrogen nucleus is
to the left, and the magnitude is greater than the force exerted on the carbon
The electrical force experienced by the hydrogen nucleus is
to the left, and the magnitude is less than the force exerted on the carbon

5.A straight bar magnet is initially 4 cm long with the
north pole on the right and the south pole on the left. If you cut the magnet
in half, the right half will?

still contain a
north pole on the right and a new south pole on the left.
only contain a south pole.
only contain a north pole.
be unmagnetized.

6. A wire loop bent
into the shape of a square with 1.50 m sides is centered on the origin of the
xy-plane. A long, straight wire carries a current of 1.0 A and is
located in the xy-plane parallel to the y-axis 5.00m from the
origin. If the resistance of the square wire is 60.0 ohms and the conductor
is moving 4.0 .0/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif”> m/s, what current is present in the
square wire? Answer in terms ofm0.

0.00064m0 A
0.00096m0 A
0.026m0 A
0.0020m0 A

7. Find the energy (in
eV) of an optical photon of frequency 6.08´1014

2.52 eV
3.10 eV
1.84 eV
1.54 eV

8. One hundred joules of heat energy are
transferred to 20 g of mercury. By how much does the temperature of the mercury
increase? How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 20 g of water by
the same amount? Explain and show all work.

9. A 2000 cm3
container holds 0.10 mol of helium gas at 300 °C. How much work must be done to
compress the gas to 1000 cm3 at constant pressure? How much work to
compress the gas to 100 cm3at constant temperature?Explain and show all work.

10. A very thin oil film
(n = 1.25) floats on water (n = 1.33). What is the thinnest film
that produces a strong reflection for green light with a wavelength of 500 nm?Explain and show all work.

11. An underwater diver sees the sun 50° above
horizontal. How high is the sun above the horizon to a fisherman in a boat
directly above the diver? Explain and show all work.

12. An electron in a uniform electric field
increases its speed from 2.00´107
m/s to 4.00´107
m/s over a distance of 1.20 cm. What is the electric field strength? Explain
and show all work.

electron travels with speed 1´107m/s between the two
parallel plates. The electron with speed v travels to the right between two
plates separated by 1.0 cm. The top plate is positively charged. The bottom
plate is negatively charged. The plates are separated by 1.0 cm and are charged
by a 200 V battery. What magnetic field strength and direction will allow the
electron to pass between the plates without being deflected?Explain
and show all work.

14. A 100-turn, 2.00-cm diameter coil is
at rest in a horizontal plane. A uniform magnetic field 60°
away from vertical increases from 0.5 T to 1.50 T in 0.6 seconds. What is the
induced emf in the coil? Explain and show all work.

15. What is the energy in eV of (a) a 100
MHz radio-frequency photon, (b) a visible light photon with a wavelength of 500
nm, and (c) an X-ray photon with a wavelength of 0.10 nm? Explain and show all

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